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We work with Amazon FBA sellers to improve their listing and smash their Amazon Ad CoS goals!

Flexible Technologies
Mix of the best software and human expertise to enhance decision making and productivity!
Experienced Strategists
Experience with over 250 clients, goals and strategies. We have the right strategy for you!
Goal Focused
We are focused on your North Star!
CoS, Volume or Revenue? We have a strategy for it.

 What’s The Secret Sauce

The secret sauce contains tons of client experience, techniques and tactics and strategies built up over several years. Here are the main areas we pride ourselves in delivering success!
01. planning & strategy
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Without a plan, the execution will be inefficient or even fail. Behind every great success, there has been a great strategy and our Rebels have such a wide experience we will have a strategy to suit your business.
02. test & deliver
“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.”
― James Dyson

Testing and delivery is not as simple as it seems. We have the expertise to deliver but that always involves testing and iteration to make the tactics fit with your business and get the most out of your listing or ad campaign.
03. Service with a smile
“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”
― Carl Gustav Jung

Our rebels are pro-active. They are constantly analysing data and researching to uncover opportunities that are not found by the average AMZ seller. This gives US and YOU the competitive advantage!

How we help

AMZ Ads (Amazon PPC)

Sponsored Brand Campaigns
A great way to generate sales, without worrying about the Buy Box! We will set them up, selecting the best performing products.
Sponsored Product Ads
A well set up campaign can generate sales from day 1. The structure and keyword research are the most critical part of this, something we are obviously experts in.
Data Analysis & CoS Cutting
Our Rebels are experts in data analysis and will pinpoint what is working and double down on it, while cutting what is not. The affect is your CoS being slashed!

AMZ LQS (Amazon SEO)

Product Title
Your product needs to be found. We research what buyers are searching for and make sure they find your product!
Product Images
Images tell a 1,000 words, so AMZ gives you 9 to work with. We select the best images and make adaptions to make them work even better.
Product Description
Killer copy sells. We write killer copy that appeals to your customer and persuades them to buy. Our Rebels use their expertise to create unique, killer copy to increase your sales!
Data Analysis
Copy Writing

Our Skills

Our Rebels are highly skilled and have diverse marketing backgrounds. We pride ourselves in being experts in the following skills as we believe these are core to being successful marketers and it’s particularly true for Amazon.

Data Analysis
Copy Writing
Only 9% of marketers advertise on Amazon
A huge 44% of e-commerce sales were on Amazon in 2017
72% of marketers struggle to sell on Amazon
Only 14% of marketers have the expertise to be a success on Amazon
tom bishop
Tom Bishop
UK Travel Supplies
Marketing Manager

Hey Rebels have helped me grow my store by 3x, increasing not only revenue but profit margin also. They write killer sales copy that has increase sales for products that have previously under-performed.